Flare gives you up to 15% more personal space.
So you can sleep through the night
without being jostled out of REM sleep –
and wake up feeling deeply refreshed.

This traditional mattress doesn’t
give you enough space.

If you don’t have enough personal space in bed,
your sleep partners’ movements
will jostle you out of REM sleep –
the deep sleep your body really needs.

Flare’s angled edges give you up to 15% more personal space in bed. LEARN more

Your existing sheets may fit your new Flare mattress. (The Flare design actually helps keep deep pocket sheets fit snugly on the bed). Consult our Flare sheet guide to find out. And if your sheets don’t fit, we make it easy to buy sheets that do. Just click BUY FLARE SHEETS to get started.


Flare fits your existing bedroom furniture. So you can keep your bed frame – and still get the bigger mattress you need. In other words, you win.

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Flare’s special patented construction ensures that its angled edges are just as sturdy as the rest of the mattress. So you won’t roll off the bed. Unless, for some reason, you want to.

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This is Flare.